A lamp should above all provide the light that the plant requires, but through its design also simultaneously strengthen the overall impression of the plant-arrangement.


Qrokus is a new and stylistically pure plant lamp of the highest quality created by the award-winning designer Peo Ström.

Qrokus is available as a pendulum fixture or with a floor stand, and can be delivered with a compact fluorescent low-energy lamp, which is a god choice for your plant for light spectra as well as for warmth and environmental aspects.



is furnished with a greencoloured ring on the upper part of the fitting that neatly matches the matt aluminium surface. 

Q rokus - Pendulum

 Pendulum for hanging from the ceiling or for assembly on floor stand. 

Pendulum - floor stand

Complete with electrical cable and swan's neck for hanging the reflecting shield. Floor stand for the pendulum - maximum height of lower edge of shield without extension, 185 cm

Extension 50 cm

Measurements: Adjustable height 1200-1950 mm. Floor plate 500x300 mm

Pendulum - ceiling

Pendulum kit complete with electrical cable and swan's neck for hanging the reflecting shield from a ceiling hook.


Shield in matt aluminium. Fluorescent acrylic ring in green.


Diameter: 205 mm
270 mm

Low-energy lamp

1 x 18W compact fluorescent E27

Luminous power

1200 lm                                                                          


Q ROKUS pendulum

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